Friday, May 24, 2013

Senior Shows Studio Art 2013

Sabrina Chacon-Barajas
Kelsi McDonald
Esther Choe
Heidi Humphrey

Illustration/NewPictures Senior Show 2013

Michelle Hampshire
Christa Pierce
Heather Frank
Elise St Hilaire
Renee Biggar
Sydney Jones
Haley Larson
Brandi Wolfe

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Websites, Blogs, & Promotional Resources

 WEBSITE & BLOG PLATFORMS to help you establish an on-line presence for your studio practice.
  1. Blogger
  2. Cargo Sample: SPAC Senior Shows 
  3. Behance See: PROSITE
  4. WIX Sample: Lindsey Sprague
  5. WordPress
  6. Indexhibit
  7. Other Peoples Pixels
  10. Dunked
  11. Stacy
  12. Kirby
  13. Joomla
  14. 4ormat
  15. Tumblr
  16. TheISpot
  17. Altpick
  18. Koken
  19. Siteleaf
  20. Ghost
  21. Drawfolio
 POSTCARDS & Business Cards 
PRISM Graphics
206 774 9826, 9906 Aurora Ave N. Shoreline
Fastsigns North Seattle, 12700 Aurora Ave N, suite A Seattle, WA 98133, Phone 206-368-7331 Fax. 206-368-2454

Commercial Displayers

The Color Group

Micah says: This place gave me a quote for large printer sizes paper ~ Archival Matt Paper (230 gsm
  • 30x20 - $34
  • 15x20 - $21
  • 40x20 - $40
Kinkos/Fedex or Costco - ZACK BENTS says: will get you some larger scale printing.
 BRIANNE says about:
  • I've got at least 20x30 sized prints from Costco before, they're photo gloss I think but they're also only 8$ and are ready in an hour. In my experience they print a little dark, but since theyre only 8$ it's relatively inexpensive to adjust and try again. Costco membership is $50. ($25 or less if you split it with friends and or roommates)
  • Fedex will charge significantly more, but they should also do large format. You might have to go in person to Fedex/Kinko's to get the size/quality that you want. My mom got a 24x36 stretched canvas print from them, so they do it, you might just need to be in their faces.
  • I got a 24x36 poster from Office max or staples (I can't remember which) done for my history of graphic design class, with mounting that was like $40. Julie's experience with the one closest to school was not stellar, the colors came out wrong and they didn't seem inclined to fix it. I went to the exact same branch, just in Issaquah and the colors were spot on (but I was also right there staring at them)
  • G&H does not appear to be open on weekends so that's another downside. American Frame should do large scale printing though, on a variety of papers. You should check out their website and see if their sizes go that large. I vaguely remember seeing at least the option of 20x30, but you should check their website/call them to be sure.

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